Want to see wild dolphins? Visit Lovina Beach!

Visiting a less touristic northern Bali is not complete without visiting Lovina Beach which is famous for its dolphins. Even this mamals if famous around the world nobody dare to catch these dolphins to sale aroud here as they are protected animals. The toursist that visits this place increase by each years. and of course they are there to see the dolphins in their wild and natural habitat.


If you are scheduling your visit to lovina beach, it is better for you to stay on one of the hotels surrounding lovina beach. To see the dolphins you must be ready by 5.30 AM and if you are planing to visit lovina to see the dolphis from Kuta or Denpasar, you better wake up 2.30 AM because the trip to lovina usually takes 3 hours drive with the distance of 120.KM to the north But it was a trip worth taken because you can see the stunning sunrise and an atraction from the dolphins, surely this makes your holiday more memorable.


Besides dolphins, Lovina is also has a fantastic underwater scenery. You can also see the diverse under water biota through snorkling activity. Even this place is not too famous for its underwater scenery, but enjoying underwater scenery here and see its coral reef and fish are surely can make your eyes amuse again isn’t it?


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