Bali Bird Park

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Pengalaman Menyaksikan 1000 burung, 250 spesies & 1 hari yang menyenangkan di Bali Bird Park. Inovasi Bali Bird Park dimulai lebih dari 20 tahun yang lalu.

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Product Description

Experience Watching more than 1000 birds, 250 Species in just one day only at Bali Bird Park.

Bali Bird Park innovation  started 20 years ago. They committed in preserving, Conserve and restore not just Indonesian birds but also from all over the world.

Bali Birn Park always doing an improvement for the birds and their Visitors.

Bali Bird Park divided into some areas that created a natural habitat for the birds and complete with natural living plantation. So come and enjoy a magical journey acros indonesia, Latin America, Africa and Australia.

When its time to rest, stop over in the open air restaurant and enjoy a various of local choices as well as a wide variety of onternational selections. or just stop by at Rainforest Café for tropical juice or a refreshing icecream.

They also provide 4-D mini Theater for your extraordinary experience in Audio and Video.

For something different visit our Reptile Park located next to the Bird Park with a wide collection of South East Asia reptile. Se an 8 Meters  reticulated python, Collection of Indonesian monitor lizard also the one and only the prehistoric Komodo Dragon, the biggest lizard in the world.


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